is tropical - dancing anymore
a sample figure of the mantra that talks with quiet confidence,
hands down to miu "miuccia" niyomsilpchai with her maximum bravery of style exposed with her rocker/slammer chic attitude.
so long to all the overrated local style bloggers in (my) town, she is my ultimate girl crush/gold rush o' the moment.
oriental eyes and blonde hair streaks with long lean legs plus scandinavian-inspired minimal aesthetics, this elite model has it all.
her whole wardrobe raises my loathe to shop by 150% whilst personally eyeing on plain black dresses, high shoulder women blazer,
and leather jackets for my own autumn getaway. come chase after this mega babe here.
Photo Credits: Miuccia



matthew jay - please don't send me away
the smell of precarious mold within the dirt of my dad's plants plus the bird's eye view of my neighbourhood on any given sunday;
staring back at me with green hope, green road, green field, green dream.
my favorite pastime strikes as sweet and tame.
the green parades in my brain - a newfound exploration comes searching for me once again.
*feed yourself with my blog and store instagram; a lively adventure soon to come!